Skilled Nursing Bankruptcy and Assisted Living Facility Bankruptcy

Do you know of a healthcare property owner who is insolvent or is considering bankruptcy protection? If so, we can help. Shep Roylance and the JCH team specialize in representing the debtor and buyers of troubled senior housing and long-term care assets, including assisted living facilities, retirement homes, skilled nursing facilities, and congregate care facilities. We will provide the debtor and the creditor committee with access to the largest pool of financially qualified skilled nursing and assisted living owner operators and investors in the nation. As facilitators of skilled nursing bankruptcy transactions, we will provide you with confidential marketing assistance in order to create exposure to potential buyers. JCH Senior Housing Group is committed to bringing the debtor and creditor committee, the secured creditors, and the unsecured creditors the highest possible price for the assets with a smooth, well-managed marketing and closing process.

Our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Bankruptcy Services: 

JCH Senior Housing Group will provide the following skilled nursing and assisted living bankruptcy services:

  • Pre-market evaluation of historical and current financial and operating performance
  • Potential benefits of selling
  • Sales price range for assets
  • Confidential offering memorandum
  • Advertisement of assets on the JCH website
  • Exposure in our monthly mailer (to over 12,000 facilities)
  • Target market the assets based on preferences, such as facility type, target area, price, size, and company values
  • Identify prospects and solicit prospective buyers
  • Disseminate confidential offering memorandum to prospective buyers
  • Conduct initial negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Conduct auction with debtor’s counsels
  • Coordinate buyer’s due diligence and licensing application
  • Assist in post-closing cooperation
  • Oversee sales, auction, and escrow process through the sales hearing

The bankruptcy team at JCH Senior Housing group has unparalleled knowledge of the skilled nursing industry, with specific experience in the bankruptcy process. To learn more about our assisted living and senior housing bankruptcy services, please contact us today.