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Investors Excited About Independent Living Opportunities

With 2018 well underway, we are seeing more and more investors attracted to the allure of independent living. The industry is poised for change and innovation, providing investors with an excellent opportunity to get in before it’s too late. As we saw with last month’s consumer electronics show, but active adults are becoming a targeted audience for many companies. With more and more focus being placed on aging adults and the senior housing industry, it is no wonder investors are clueing in. According to a recent survey, 60 percent of senior housing investors hope to grow their portfolios in 2018.

Throughout 2017 the pace of skilled nursing facility (SNF) acquisitions was relatively steady, but we expect to see these numbers increase significantly this year. In years past, the senior housing industry was an afterthought for many and certainly not the most exciting investment opportunity, if we’re being honest. However, the times they are a changin’. With a new generation of seniors entering into assisted living communities, providers are scrambling to meet their needs and growing demands. Today’s senior is more tapped in than any generation before them – which means what worked in the past will no longer fly.

Opportunity is Everywhere

There are many different types of senior living facilities, from long-term memory care and SNFs to nursing homes and independent living facility. A recent poll indicates that independent living is the industry investors seem to be most excited about. There are numerous reasons for this, but investors state that independent living has the best opportunities for advancement and investment. An increasing number of adults are opting to downsize and enter into independent living facilities with amenities that meet their earlier than their predecessors, which is just one reason why we are seeing a shift in the industry. Today’s seniors are tech-savvy, active, and boast many interests, from fine food to hobbies that make them think.

All of these factors are playing a role in the development of new independent living facilities and the renovation of existing facilities, and investors are taking note. If you are interested in investing in an independent living facility or other SNF, please contact Shep Roylance of The JCH Group today.

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