Do you know of a healthcare property owner who is insolvent or is considering bankruptcy protection?

Shep Roylance specializes in representing the debtor and buyers of troubled senior housing and long term care assets;  including assisted living homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, congregate care facilities, ARF, SNF and RCFE’s.

Confidentiality & Seller Representation:

The JCH team specializes in comprehensive financial analysis, investment analysis, and portfolio analysis of all types of senior living facilities from residential care facilities to large privately or publicly owned assisted living, nursing home and congregate care facilities.  JCH will provide a detailed analysis of each facility’s potential upside, sales price range and exit strategy.

It is of prime importance to JCH to ensure confidentiality during the senior housing and care facility marketing process.  JCH is aware of the importance to maintain confidentiality which preserves the reputation of the assisted living, retirement or skilled nursing facility.  JCH is also aware of the vital importance of maintaining a close relationship with residents, staff and community during the sales process which has long term benefits for both the potential buyer and the company’s future senior housing brand.

JCH Marketing:

JCH uses a “targeted” approach rather than a “shotgun” approach in its marketing efforts.  JCH’s expertise in assisted living and skilled nursing brokerage supports the maintenance of strict confidentiality that every healthcare facility owner deserves.

To avoid identification of the specific healthcare facility, no information is disclosed in the initial marketing.   More detailed information is only given after a confidentiality agreement is signed and the potential buyer has been qualified by an in depth conversation with a team member.  All healthcare, senior facilities are only shown by appointment and the potential buyer is “coached” regarding the importance of maintaining confidentiality during the inspection tour.   Any buyer questions are answered after the tour away from the facility.

Free Business Valuation:

JCH Consulting Group offers free valuations to all those who are interested in learning  the value of their  independent living facility, assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility in today’s fast moving market. This complimentary and confidential service is  a necessary and valuable tool which will give you the ability to make intelligent decisions regarding your future in the market.  If it is your decision to sell, this knowledge will put you in a position of strength.  It is our job and goal to give you this advantage and we welcome the opportunity.

Our business valuation is also useful for asset owners who are considering:

  • Refinancing
  • Reorganize between partnerships
  • Estate Planning
  • Expanding or contracting existing portfolios
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy

Any and all information provided to our team is kept confidential and used to run an analysis on the physical plant, current financial performance relative to marketplace category in which your facility fits.

The analysis on your asset yields a valuation and pricing strategy that we believe is achievable in today’s market. There is never a pressure to sell. We are simply a trusted part of the decision making process. Our business valuation provides critical information which establishes the value of your asset whether you plan to sell now or at a date in the future.

JCH Consulting Group will perform the following services on behalf of the seller:

Conducted a pre-marketing evaluation of historical and current financial and operating performance, potential upsides and sales price range, Prepare a confidential offering memorandum, containing key historical and prospective information about the facility, including an overview of the facilities services, history, location, financial and operational results and sales price, Advertised your facility on our websites, Advertised your facility at the top national senior housing and long term care conferences, Included your facility in our direct mail campaign to over 12,000 facilities.  Our exclusive direct mail campaign includes single facility, family owned, regional and the largest publicly traded firms and we will Included your facility in our email campaign to over 6000 senior housing and long term care investors.