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THE GOOD NEWS is that QSAP (Quality supplemental Payment Program) incentive plan encouraged in the Affordable Care Act is working!  The intent was to encourage the formation of accountable care organizations in an effort to improve health care quality and slow the growth of health care spending. Accountable Care Organizations embody a set of healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, specialists, hospital and long term care facilities that work together collaboratively and accept collective accountability for the cost and quality of care delivered to patients.

In California Department of Public Health is partnering with California Department of Health care Services to implement this new program.  The department’s Center for Health Care Quality is assessing and scoring quality of care of skilled nursing facilities to determine scores that qualify skilled nursing facilities for supplemental payments.   Qualified participants can expect to receive payments from the $90 million dollar fund as determined April 23, 2015.  Electronic fund transfers will be received April 27, 2015.

Out of 1000 skilled nursing facilities, 363 received incentive awards for their performance.  The individual facility payments ranged from $4000 to $1.2 million, an average of $223,000.  185 facilities that qualified for improvement awards ranged from $800 to $213,000, averaging $49,000 per facility.

The scoring of the quality of care is intensive and extensive.  It covers every aspect of the operation as well as the condition of the physical plant.  The methodology of scoring is still pending.   Skilled Nursing Providers are adapting to the Culture change in long term care.  Therefore, scoring facilities for quality of care is not only based only on the physical condition of a patient or a reduction of hospital readmissions, but the “wellness” of the patient care is of prime importance.  The industry is becoming far more sophisticated and making quantum leaps.  Providers bottom line is increasing while patient care quality increases.  THE NEWS IS GOOD FOR BOTH SKILLED NURSING PROVIDERS AND FOR THE SENIOR POULATION REQUIRING LONG TERM CA

Myths About Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Some seniors picture life in a skilled nursing facility with a certain amount of horror. We can thank sensational news stories and pop culture for images of patients trapped in beds or wheelchairs, largely ignored by indifferent and overworked employees. But modern skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) often prove to be a great living situation for their patience. Let’s dispel a few of the myths that make seniors and their family members hesitate to consider this sensible option and share why skilled nursing brokerage professionals are proud to help their clients in this competitive market.

Myth 1: SNFs are for people without loving families.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are many reasons why families are unable to provide care for their loved ones, including:

  • Smaller families with fewer adults available to help;
  • Families with members spread over a wide geographic area;
  • Multiple family members who require care (including special needs children);
  • Families without trained medical professionals in the ranks;
  • In many States patience’s may qualify for both State and Federal financial assistance.

There’s another powerful reason to consider SNFs: they can actually help you enjoy spending time with your family more. If  you have long term health problems, recovering for an injury  or need assistance with your medication, cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, and so on, your time together will be rushed and feel more like checking off items on a to-do list. if your loved one needs are already being addressed, you can use time together to talk, reminisce, play games, and just enjoy one another.

Myth 2: Once you go into a SNF, you’ll never live on your own again.

Certainly, for some seniors, they have reached a point where they are unlikely to be able to ever live independently again.  Many residents of SNFs are there in response to an injury or illness and may be able to return home or to an assisted living facility once they have sufficiently recovered or gone through rehab. You may also find that your needs change over time, and that a specialized facility such as long term care facility or continuing care retirement  community or at-home care may suit you better in the future.

Myth 3: Patients receive substandard care in SNFs.

In any career, you will find some people who are just in it for the paycheck. But in general, health care attracts people who genuinely want to help, and people who are looking for easy money would never choose to run SNFs, which have substantial State and Federal governmental regulations and supervision and often operate on a fairly slender profit margin. Instead, the people who buy nursing homes see an SNF for sale as a chance to provide exceptional care and an excellent quality of life for seniors. They seek to provide a clean, bright, and well-maintained facility to seniors who receive prompt, courteous, and competent care for medical issues and enjoy visiting with family, friends, and other residents.

As you can see, seniors who are need medical assistance and their family members can benefit from considering a skilled nursing facility.

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Sold – 59 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility – Sale Leaseback Transaction

Shep Roylance of the Premier Senior Housing and Care Facility Brokerage Firm,  The JCH Group, announces his representation of  a Group of Private Investors in their current acquisition of  Northern California’s Shasta View Nursing Center, a 59 bed Skilled Nursing Facility located in Weed, California.

The acquiring of the Skilled Nursing Facility expands the presence of the Investment Group in Northern California.  The transaction consummated in a sales leaseback agreement with Meridian Foresight, the current operator, continuing to operate the facility on a triple net lease agreement.

In his capacity as Senior Vice President of JCH and with unparalleled knowledge of the healthcare industry, Shep specializes in the acquisition and disposition of skilled nursing facilities and healthcare facilities across the entire spectrum of the senior housing market.  For more than a decade Shep ‘s main goal has continued to be the improvement of the quality of care of our nation’s senior population,  providing world-class nursing home brokerage and assisted living brokerage services to both buyers and sellers of long term care facilities.

Although Shep services individual owner/operators, regional and national  healthcare providers alike he specifically targets the representation of institutional investor’s  health care portfolios in part or in entirety.   Shep’s judicious representation of the entire spectrum of the senior housing market has earned him an outstanding nationwide reputation.

Shep Roylance / SVP / Principal / / / 805-633-4649