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Why Assisted Living Facilities Offer a Better Alternative to Nursing Homes for Some

A study conducted by the American Geriatrics Society from the Indiana University Center for Aging Research and the Regenstrief Institute shows that assisted living facilities may be a better option for those in need of hospice care. While in years past nursing homes were seen as the “go-to” for hospice patients, research indicates that is no longer the case. The study found numerous reasons for this, including the level of care and type of facility. However, it is important to note that nearly 68% of all respondents said they preferred home hospice care and felt the level of care was far superior to both nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

In recent years, nursing homes have come under fire for poor quality of care and inadequately trained caregivers. While the industry is working hard to reverse this image and implement various regulations and protocols in order to curb the number of nursing home abuse cases and deaths, they still have a ways to go. In regards to assisted living facilities, many people believe the quality of care exceeds that of other health care settings.

Understanding Hospice Care

The rate at which the healthcare industry is changing and evolving undoubtedly makes it difficult to keep up with. However, quality measurement for hospice care must try and keep pace with the rapid expansion we are seeing right now. As Baby Boomers continue to age and look for long-term healthcare facilities that offer them the amenities and services they need, while still providing comfort in an upscale setting, we will see hospice care continue to become a point of contention.

Hospice care is often a tough subject for people, and for good reason. There is nothing more challenging than watching your loved one die while under the care of another provider. Hospice is designed to make these end of life stages more comfortable for everyone involved, but this is not to say it comes without its own hurdles. Right now we are working hard to determine what areas of senior living and which could stand to improve. When it comes to hospice care, assisted living facilities are constantly coming in one step ahead of nursing home and other health care facilities. To learn more about the current state of senior living or if you are interested in investing in a property, please contact Shep Roylance of The JCH Group.

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